Welcome To Bantayan Island!

Bantayan Island is a beautiful island, just off the Northern coast of Cebu. This small island has a strong fishing community and is famous for its white-sand beaches.

The island is not over-developed but the locals are familiar with tourists, which makes the island safe to walk or cycle around by yourself. The people are especially friendly and welcoming and you can expect the prices of Bantayan Island beach resorts to be at a reasonable level.

There are three municipalities in Bantayan Island. Sante Fe, home of the harbour, where most of the beach resorts are. Bantayan Town, where the market can be found and there is a nice park that you can sit in and watch the world go by. If you are a foreigner then you can expect to easily fall into a conversation with curious locals, eager to find out about your marital status and to find a suitable partner for you if you are single. You can also walk to the pier and enjoy the sun setting. Madridejos is the northern-most municipal of Bantayan Island.