Bantayan Island Beaches

Virgin Island Beach

Virgin Island can be found a short distance away from Bantayan Island. It is ideal for snorkelling and diving.

Halintagaan Island

This is a small island near to Virgin Island. It is not necessarily as beautiful, but offers slightly different, more rocky scenery, and is nice for diving with clear waters.

Paradise Beach

Paradise beach is appropriately named. It is a small beach that has no direct access via land, no developments such as hotels and stores and is just a peaceful little beach that you might be lucky enough to find if you travel by boat. If you really want to get away from the city life, you can do it here, and can rest assured that nobody can disturb you.

Sugar Beach

This is the most popular beach on Bantayan Island and most of the resorts run along this beach, with some amazing star-fish, a few other fish, beautiful white sand and clear waters.