Bantayan Island Maps

How To Get To Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island is near to the Northern Coast of Cebu Island. Cebu City has the nearest airport (Mactan International Airport). If you are not yet in Cebu then you can get a flight to Cebu using CebuPacificAir or Philippines Airlines or ZestAir. Once you are in Cebu, you can then decide whether to take a bus or a light-aircraft.

Leaving Cebu Airport

The best bet is to get a standard metered taxi. You can do this by leaving the airport, taking a right turn immediately after leaving the building and then follow the signs that guide you across the road and up some steps. Here you will find the standard metered taxis. Alternatively, you can take the yellow airport taxis that have a higher meter rate, or a fixed price taxi, which will end up being much more expensive.

Taking the bus from Cebu to Bantayan Island

You will need to get to North Bus Terminal in Cebu to take the bus. If you are taking a taxi from the airport then expect the fare to be between 150 and 200 pesos. There is an entrance fee to the bus terminal of 10 pesos if you would like your taxi driver to enter. The buses start really early and run all day. You will need to head to Hagnaya, so just ask anybody at the terminal and they will direct you to the proper bus. For an air-conditioned bus, you can pay around 150 pesos. It's between 70 and 100 for a normal bus without air conditioning. Most people are pretty helpful and guide you to where you near to be so don't worry too much. The bus going to Hagyana actually terminates there so just relax and enjoy the view on the way.

Taking a light aircraft from Cebu to Bantayan Island

There are three flights per week from the light airfield in Cebu to Bantayan Island. The flight will cost approximately 1,600 and takes less than an hour. Contact MidSea Express for more information